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securus video connect credit request form

The credit amount shall be equal to an agreed upon portion of the full price of both connected system and Secures Video Connect (subject to availability).  “Secures,” “Secures Video Connect,” and “Creditors” are trademarks and services of Secures, Inc. Other service marks are the property of their respective owners. We make no representation about the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of this Service Notice and will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this Service Notice.

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For those who have visited the website before, this is going to be a quick and simple process. Fill out an “Application” (click here for instructions) Fill out the required fields on the application (a)     Address (b)  Telephone number (c)   Phone number (blank to add your own) (d)   Phone number in case we need to contact you (e) (blank unless you want us to contact you) We will get back to you regarding the status of your application and ask for your comments or information. We will also ask to review your information again and ask for more information as well.

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For best results, print and fill the forms out, scan them, and mail them to yourself. Download the PDF. You only have until the end of January to file. As of 12/25/17 the FTC issued a warning against false statements regarding Internet of Things products. The warning is specific to marketing claims regarding the use of IOT, which include “smart”, “connected,” or whatever else. The FTC is not targeting the devices/applications as a marketing device, but instead is directing consumers away from these misleading and deceptive marketing statements. This is in accordance with Title II of the FTC Act, which prohibits false and misleading claims in business practices. A new FTC blog post provides information about the deceptive nature of these products and how consumers should be wary and cautious about using these products. You can click here for the FTC's website.

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Do you have a Secures Online account, you should have the option to do it right this second. If you don't have a Secures Online account yet, you  can sign up here for 5 a month -- which doesn't help pay your credit card bill, but does help with your Secures account! The Secures online team is very close to the point of rolling out the update for the US-only version of their mobile client, but we have no date at this time. However, you can download the latest version of the app for iPhone, and Android with the link posted below. If you don't have a Secures account yet, don't worry as this isn't necessary — you can open an account without being associated with a mobile phone number! If you're not able to update through your app, you can reach.  We apologize for any inconvenience. The Secures mobile app for.

Securus online form 2011 - fill out and sign printable pdf template

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